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Dedicated to Providing the Best Home Services

Our Mission:

Our mission at AM Home Services is to help the individuals we serve find and maintain a stable home. We help identify the factors that bring about instability in one’s housing and find long term solutions to prevent it from ever occurring again.

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Our Services

Housing Consultation

We help you identify what your needs are and what you like to see in your ideal housing situation. We then formulate a plan as to how we will help you attain that.

Housing Transitioning

We help you locate, apply, and transition into a home of your own. We help you every step of the process and make sure you get all the resources that you are eligible for to make this possible. This process consists of

• Identifying and assisting in resolving barriers to assessing housing

• Searching for stable housing for the individual

• Supporting the individual in applying for benefits to afford their housing

• Contacting housing options for availability and information

• Help with tenant screening and housing assessment


For more inforation about the application process please give us a call or send us and email.

Housing Sustainability

We’re not just about helping you find stable housing, but it is just as important to us that you maintain a stable housing situation. We help you navigate your resources and develop the relationships necessary to prevent future homelessness.

• Early intervention and spotting behaviors that will make a client lose a home

• Training in being a good tenant, lease compliance, and management

• Supporting the person to understand and maintain housing